Adjustable Feed Rate Pocket Cutter & Screw Inserter

Castle’s CSI-1.5 Pocket Cutter/Screw Inserter saves time, reduces waste, and eliminates non-value-added labor and screw-handling motion trauma for high-production cabinet joinery, says the company. By using patented Screw-in-Pocket (SIP) technology, the CSI-1.5 cuts Castle’s distinctive screw pocket, drills a low angle pilot hole and inserts a flush, stackable screw in two seconds, says Castle, and provides faster production time by eliminating screw handling at assembly. Features include the Castle patented 6 degree Low Angle Pocket and an undersized pilot hole for screw retention. Inserted screws sit below flush to prevent marring of adjacent materials, says Castle. Integrated safety features include a stock sensing switch, door position switch, cycle time out, covered foot switch, and E-stop functionality. The CSI1.5 Pocket Cutter/Screw Inserter has easy access for quick tooling changes and a built-in “Flip-Top” indexing system provides 3/8” gap between pocket and work piece edge, according to the company. The feed rate is adjustable to optimize cycle time for various materials. The SCI-1.5 includes a solid carbide router bit, short flute drill bit and a dust collection port.

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