Two-Gallon Containers of Woodworking Glue

Titebond says its new two-gallon PROJUG offers professional woodworkers and others who use larger quantities of wood glue the convenience of the one-gallon Titebond jug in a custom-designed two-gallon container that is easy to use. The two-gallon size fills the need for a size between the one-gallon bottle and five-gallon pail of Titebond wood glue, adds the company. The PROJUG features a custom dual-handle design for added comfort while refilling bottles or applying glue to large jobs, adds Franklin Intl. It has a vent to ensure a smooth flow of glue from the container for better control. Consumers pay slightly less per gallon for the larger size, says the company. The actual container has a capacity of 2.25 gallons to ensure a full two-gallon fit. The plastic jug when emptied is recyclable. Titebond offers Titebond Original, Titebond II Premium and Titebond III Ultimate wood glues in PROJUG sizes with Trilingual lables (English, Spanish and French.

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