Real Wood Veneer Sheets

Outwater’s Real Wood Veneer Sheets comprise book matched, sanded and tenderized 1/42-in. thick genuine wood veneers permanently bonded under heat and pressure to a paper backing, which acts both to affix the veneer to the surface to which it has been adhered and as a two-sided barrier. The paper backing prevents adhesives from permeating the veneer’s surface, but also to thwart finishing materials from affecting the adhesive’s bonding agent, says Outwater. The Real Wood Veneer Sheets are available in nearly 30 different wood species and in several types of veneer cuts, which impart various visual effects and characteristics, adds the company. The Real Wood Veneer Sheets are offered with or without peel & stick adhesive backing in 2-ft. x 8-ft. and 4-ft. x 8-ft. sheets. Species offered include African mahogany, sapele, teak, ebony, knotty pine, Birdseye maple, cherry, hickory, walnut and more.

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