New Decorative Laminate Finishes and Patterns

ATI Decorative Laminate announces the expansion of its MirroFlex decorative thermoplastic product line with eight new finishes and patterns that cross many applications, says ATI. MirroFlex offers versatility and durability, says the company. It can be applied as ceiling tiles, wall panels, backsplashes or wainscoting, and offers high-impact, chemical, abrasion, stain and fire-resistant properties. The new finishes include new wood grains, linens, solids and a metal. Linen Beige and Linen Chocolate are accented with a subtle pattern, says ATI and plum Merlot and Lavender are the new solids. Three new wood grain finishes include: reddish-brown African Cherry and American Walnut, plus gray Oregon Ash. A metallic Brushed Stainless is also new. MirroFlex Ceiling Tiles adds a Corrugated pattern, designed to mimic the look of corrugated aluminum or stainless steel, says the company. MirroFlex is lightweight and can be cut on-site with scissors. The Corrugated pattern is available as a 2-foot by 2-foot lay-in ceiling tile. MirroFlex Wall Panels add four new patterns: the traditional Subway; a brick-patterned Herringbone; a dimensional, rectangular Tetrus; and the North African-inspired Morocco. All are offered as 4-foot by 8-foot panels.

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