Internal Bond Measurement System
May 15, 2013 | 11:18 am CDT

GreCon introduces the Bondomat, exhibited at Ligna 2013. The Bondomat is a testing machine, standardized according to EN 319, for the internal bond strength of wood based panels. It allows automated gluing of samples with a glue application machine in an exactly reproducible manner. Specified and configurable times, temperatures, pressures and glue quantities offer new levels of accuracy in the testing of the internal bond strength of wood based panels, says GreCon, which can help attain savings in glue quantity of 5 % or more. Fast testing times of approx. 90 seconds per sample are achieved by active re-cooling or heating of the test yokes. The short testing time allows for the internal bond test for quality and production control to be carried out very easily and independently by laboratory staff or by the operator in the control station. Benefits include reduced measuring time. The machine can measure 10 samples in 20 minutes, compared with 10 samples in 2 hours with manual testing methods and offers significant minimization of variability in testing, according to the company. Faster, more accurate and standardized quality and production control of the internal bond, independent of the influence by the operator, is another benefit, says GreCon.

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