Highly Moisture Resistant Particleboard

The Collins Companies announces the development of the first particleboard to attain a MR50 rating, the most stringent ANSI standard for moisture-resistance, says Collins. Collins Pine Particleboard MR50 and Collins Pine FreeForm MR50 offer durability and provide extreme moisture resistance for interior use, adds Collins. The highly moisture resistant particleboard is suited for use in kitchens, baths, hospitality and other environments with high humidity and incidental moisture contact. The MR50 products from Collins are hardwearing, says the company, and are guaranteed to be smooth, making them suitable for a wide range of laminating applications as well. The MR50 rated panel offer a choice for interior designers and architects looking for compatible materials that can contribute toward LEED requirements, says Collins.  The new Collins Pine Particleboard meet the highest moisture resistance specifications for ANSI A208. 1-2009. Both MR50 product lines have no added formaldehyde (NAF) and both contain 100 percent post-industrial wood fiber, have excellent machinability, which extends tool life, adds Collins. In addition they are manufactured to reduce carbon emissions and eliminate human exposure to hazardous chemicals. Physical properties for Collins Pine FreeForm MR50, which is FSC certified, include density: 49 lbs/cu ft; internal bond: 167 psi; modulus of rupture: 2738 psi; modulus of elasticity: 453,000 psi; face screw pull: 339 lbs; and edge screw pull: 261 lbs.

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