April 18, 2013 | 12:26 pm CDT

Schmaltz introduces Sealing Foams with Optimized Adhesive Films for large area gripping systems, offering the benefit of an up to 90 percent reduction in time consumption to replace the foam, says the company. The optimized adhesive film is designed for quick and easy attachment of the sealing foam to Schmaltz large-area gripping systems of type FXC/FMC and SBX, as well as layer gripping systems of type SPZ. Also worn-out sealing foam can be removed from the vacuum gripping system without leaving residue, says the company. The adhesive film is made of polyester with a modified acrylic adhesive for secure attachment to vacuum gripping systems. The heavy-duty, flexible sealing foam can be used for handling rigid workpieces such as furniture or wooden boards as well as glass jars or cans with a continuous edge.

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