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MOZ-Engravings-Ivory-Cubes-Cloud-Col Cover-large
MOZ-Engravings-Ivory-Cubes-Cloud-Col Cover-large

The new Engravings Collection from Móz Designs is available on architectural column covers through the company’s ETA (easy to assemble) product line. Móz column covers offer durability and can be used in interior and exterior applications, says the company. Engravings features eight decorative patterns engraved into the surface of 1/8-inch thick aluminum plate. The patterns include: Circuit, Crossroads, Cubes, Current, Dash, Mason, Matrix and Strings. ETA column covers, available in round, oval, square and racetrack shapes, are pre-rolled, pre-engineered and shipped ready-to-install. Standard seamless covers up to 12 feet in height are available and solid metal vertical open or raised reveals and butt seams can be specified. A selection of Móz color tones with the Engravings patterns allows customization. Móz color schemes include the Blendz collection, Móz classic colors and options, such as Jade, Sea Salt and Wintermint. Móz column metals are available in .063” to 1/8” gauge aluminum and are offered in gloss or matte finishes. Powder-coated finishes make the material suitable for exteriors and high traffic areas like elevators and corridors, says the company. The architectural column covers are composed of 80 percent post-industrial recycled aluminum and contribute to LEED 2.0 MR Credit 4 – Recycled Content.

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