Lamin-Art announces the launch of Metal-Art, a new collection of handcrafted, embossed metallic laminates. The collection features large-scale, three-dimensional designs with an artisan touch. The collection includes five large-scale, distinctive dimensional patterns.  Lamin-Art describes Waves as featureing a flowing surface, reminiscent of rippling water. Axis is inspired by avant-garde angularity. Striations has a sophisticated rectangular motif while Interlink features a contemporary translation of a classical frieze motif.  Geometrix aligns rectangles into random, proportional linearity. Each design is available in four traditional metallic colorations: brushed aluminum, brushed stainless, brushed champagne and brushed bronze. Designers Hans Mutzke and Virginie Boucher created the designs to seamlessly match when Metal-Art sheets are applied side-by-side and end-to-end, says Lamin-Art. Metal-Art designs come in 4’x10’ sheets. Applications include office, hospitality, retail, healthcare/assisted living and educational interiors.


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