Virutex introduces the Model PEB250-TRC Glue Pot Edgebander for PVC, polyester, melamine and wood veneer tapes of up to 3mm and laminate strips. The edgebander is ideal for small shops and large shops with custom works, says the company. The PEB250-TRC  is stationary and portable as users can remove the machine from the table for banding large tops and custom work that can’t be done on a stationary machine. Features include speed and temperature control, glue spread control and tape feed control with an adjustable tape exit and glue dosage control. The Model PEB250-TRC has a temperature range of 250-390 degrees and a speed of 6.6 to 19.7 feet per minute and a  panel thickness  range of .4 - 2.44”. The tape thickness range is .02 -0 .11”(.4 - 3mm). Additional features include a tape holder and back tape cutter.

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