Available from Tritec, the Index Pro is a fully functioning CNC machining center, with all tools  individually programmable. There are 5 sizes -- 130, 1800, 2300, 2800 and 3300mm --- available for this machine along with many more options, Tritec says.  All axes for the machine are computer controlled.The standard model features: 3 horizontal programmable spindles, glue, insert dowels and 3 vertical programable spindles.Up to 5 spindles in vertical and 5 in horizontal-plus are available as options.

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About Tritec Assoc. Inc./Gannomat

Founded in 1984 Tritec Associates has since been the exclusive importer and national distributor for Gannomat special woodworking machinery produced by Erwin Ganner Gmbh of Austria. Our goal has always been to provide only the highest quality equipment and services with in the responsibility of our focused niche.
The Gannomat product line centers on a range of standard and special woodworking and panel processing equipment that includes single spindle, multi-spindle, CNC and feed- through drilling and inserting machines for dowel construction and 32mm cabinet assembly; machines for drilling and inserting hinges and RTA cabinet hardware; case clamps, gluing equipment, material handling and tooling.
Stock machines, spare parts and accessories, service and technical support are available at the headquarters in Sterling, Va and our Western regional office in Sacramento, Ca.




Phone: 703-904-7890

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