Adhesive Monitoring System

TruFlow Meters from Nordson enable monitoring and control of material flow during all phases and line speeds of production for a variety of applications including product assembly and packaging. The TruFlow meter is a simple, positive-displacement meter that accurately, consistently measures actual material flow rates. The meter operates across a broad flow range, 10-500 cc’s per minute, as well as a wide spectrum of material viscosities and temperatures. TruFlow meters are easy to install, says the company, with simple connections and a compact size, which makes them adaptable to most production environments. The TruFlow meters and TruFlow applicators and dividers are part of the OptiBond solutions for variation management. The OptiBond portfolio accommodates both retrofit and new installations for everything from simple flow monitoring to point-of-application, closed-loop control, adds Nordson.

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About Nordson Corp.

Nordson is one of the world's leading producers of precision dispensing equipment to apply adhesives, sealants and coatings.  A broad line of systems for woodworking and construction includes melters, pumps and applicators for casework assembly, kitchen & bath cabinet assembly, door & window assembly, profile wrapping, edge banding, postforming, back edge sealing, and decorative laminating.  Nordson systems accommodate the full range of hot melt adhesives, including reactive PUR and EVA.




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