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SeamBoss from GlueBoss Adhesives is a 1:1 acrylic adhesive, with additives that give it an advantage over the current 10:1 adhesive, says the company. Acrylic 1:1 adhesives are less sensitive to unequal ratios, adds the company, which allows fabricators to run a single bead of adhesive versus overlapping beads. SeamBoss bonds to solid surfaces such as acrylic, polyester and blends and also to granite, quartz, the back side of high pressure laminates, softwoods, MDF, various metals including stainless steel, tin, galvanized metals, glass, and recycled glass counter top materials. Applications include the adhesion of sink clips to the back of countertops, brass grommets and more. It has a bonding strength to metal that exceeds 2,500 psi in standard lap shear testing, according to the company. SeamBoss has an additive that allows the product to flex once it is cured, says the company, and it has impact modification, allowing seams, buildups, and bonded areas to withstand more impact resistance than the typical 10:1 surfacing adhesive. SeamBoss cuts through oils including WD-40, minimizing risk when seaming and does not gum up sandpaper when belt sanding, says GlueBoss. SeamBoss can be machined in approximately 30 minutes, says the company. See the video for additional information.

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