3/4" Bendable Panel

Timberflex from Kerfkore is a high-quality 3/4" bendable panel suited for custom fabrication, says the company, with a three-ply Italian poplar face ready to paint or laminate without the need for patching or sanding. Timberflex panels can bend to a 5" radius without dips, valleys, or hard spots and are dimensionally sized to have the same thickness throughout to assure seam hiding characteristics, adds the company. Timberflex's applications include traditional custom fabrication, such as forming the panel to the desired shape and then painting or laminating with the desired face material. Timberflex conforms to a user’s custom shape by the use of horizontal shaping ribs. Timberflex is produced from engineered wood products and is designed to provide a dimensionally stable panel that is consistent in performance and uniformity, adds the company.

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