Ultra Thin Saw Blade
Forrest Manufacturing’s Ultra Thin 080 Woodworker II saw blade has only a .080-inch (5/64) kerf and provides little resistance when cutting. The Ultra Thin 080 Woodworker II is a version of the high-performance Custom Woodworker II blade but on a thinner scale. While the custom blade has a .125-inch (1/8) kerf and a .095 body, the Ultra Thin has a .080-inch (5/64) kerf and a .060 body. It also features an alternate top bevel grind, or ATB, where the points of the carbide-tipped teeth on the blade alternate from one side to the other. The thinness of the blade coupled with the grind allows the teeth to cut with a scoring action, minimizing resistance and tearout, while improving cutting precision. The Ultra Thin has a 10-inch diameter, 5/8-inch-bore, 40 teeth and a 20-degree positive hook. Custom-size bores are also available.