A new addition to Forrest Mfg.’s Signature Line of Chop Master blades is designed for use with the lightweight, compact Kapex KS 120 sliding compound miter saw from Festool. The blade is designed to give woodworkers a reliable, high-quality blade that delivers quieter cuts and better splinter control, with reduced effort. The blades are constructed of hard, corrosion-resistant C-4 micrograin carbide to go longer between sharpening. (800) 733-7111,

About Forrest Mfg. Co.

Forrest Manufacturing produces quality saw blades featuring super hard, corrosion-resistant C-4 micrograin carbide tips that provide up to 300 percent longer life between sharpenings.  Proprietary grinding techniques and hand straightening guarantee the finest cutting edges possible, coupled with exceptional perimeter concentricity, perfect plate flatness, and side runout to +/- .001".   All Forrest blades are made in the

United States and come with a 30-day, money-back guarantee.  For more information about Forrest?s Woodworker, Dado King, Duraline, Concave Face, nonferrous cutting blades and other specialty and custom blades, call 1-800-733-7111 or visit

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