IWF: Next G Series of tooling

NAP Gladu is introducing the "Next G Series," which is a tool capable of automatically positioning diamond and/or carbide profiled inserts while keeping accurate, constant axial and radial diameter. It is an accurate self-positioning system that offers constant diameter and profile positioning, a rear clamping system with single screw fastening, diamond or carbide inserts in the same tool body and the ability to change profiles as needed.

About NAP Gladu

NAP GLADU is the largest manufacturer of carbide and diamond cutting tools in North America with manufacturing and service locations coast-to-coast. Products include: saw blades, insert cutter heads, cutter bodies, profile tools, router bits, dado sets, solid carbide cutters, aggregate heads, and other tools for all types of woodworking operations. Expert sharpening and repair services restore saws and tools to original performance specifications.



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