Circular Saw Blades

The high-performance line of King Carbide circular saw blades from Vermont American, offers 17 blades for sawing applications that include wood, laminates, non-ferrous metals and plastics, roofing, shingles and nail-embedded wood. King Carbide saw blades last up to 10 times longer than standard carbide blades, with extra large teeth that can be re-sharpened to extend blade life, the company says. The teeth are produced with Vermont American’s patented C3 Dyanite carbide, which the company says provides the necessary hardness to stay sharp and resist wear, without sacrificing fracture toughness. The King Carbide series includes blades from 6-1/2-in. to 12-in. diameters to fit most portable and stationary saws including hand-held, miter, table and radial arm.

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