Forrest Manufacturing’s line of 40-Tooth Woodworker II—ATBR blades are made of C-4 micrograin carbide. The versatile blades can be used for rip cuts, crosscuts, box joints, finger joints and tenons. They perform much like a dado to produce an almost flat bottom with virtually 90° square bottom grooves, says the company, and the alternate top bevel and raker (ATBR) tooth style assures a fast, easy feed with hardwoods. The line features four blades available in 10" and 12" versions. The 10" blades have a 5/8"bore and can be ordered with a 1/8" kerf or 3/32" kerf. The 12" blades have a 1/8" kerf with a choice of a 1" bore or 5/8" bore.

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