12-Hole Universal Sanding Discs

Freud introduces Diablo’s new premium 5” 12-hole Universal Sanding Discs with Hook and Lock backing includes innovations that improve performance, extend sanding life and increase productivity, says the company. The discs feature a ceramic blend and remove material faster than other sanding discs, according to the company. Each sanding disc includes Clog-Shield, which is a high performance stearate coating that reduces pitch buildup and clogging for maximum productivity, adds Diablo. The 12-hole pattern offers a one size fits all design, says the company, which fits all 5- and 8-hole sanders. The Universal Sanding Discs are packaged in 4, 15, and 50 bull packs as well as two 7 piece project packs. Product number for the Diablo 5” Universal Sanding Discs include: DCD050060H04G, DCD050080H04G, DCD050100H04G, DCD050120H04G, DCD050150H04G, DCD050220H04G, DCD050060H15G, DCD050080H15G, DCD050100H15G, DCD050120H15G, DCD050150H15G, DCD050220H15G, DCD050060H50G, DCD050080H50G, DCD050100H50G, DCD050120H50G, DCD050150H50G, DCD050220H50G, DCD050VFNH07G and DCD050VGPH07G.

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