Tracksaw Blade Series

Freud America’s Tracksaw Blade Series offer saw blades with anti-vibration, unique tooth grind and coating specifically designed for Festool saws and other tracksaws. The blade’s anti-vibration design provides smooth and quiet cuts while the premium tooth grind delivers superior finish, says Freud, and the tracksaw blades provide woodworkers with a precise cut, high-quality finish and maximum cutting life. The anti-vibration design virtually eliminates the sideways movement of the blade in the cut, which extends cutting life and keeps the cut smooth and true, adds Freud America. The unique tooth geometry of Freud’s 48T features a Hi-ATB design for Festool saws and other tracksaws and offers clean cuts on both sides of fine veneer plywood or melamine panels. The TiCo Hi-Density carbide is designed to provide ultimate blade life while the Perma-Shield coating prevents buildup on the blade surface. The thin kerf design reduces waste and feeds easily, says Freud.


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