Surface Planer for CNC Routers

Guhdo introduces Fourcut, a surfacing planer for use on CNC routers. Fourcut is ideal for demanding applications where a superior, line-free finish is required, says Guhdo, and was developed to offer a high quality, line free finish on composite and solid materials. The tool body is manufactured using high quality steel and offers diameters of (80mm) 3.15” and  (150mm) 5.90”. The 80mm diameter offers three knives in an up shear position. This tool is an ideal choice, says the company, for smaller parts such as solid wood or MDF doors. The 150 mm diameter offers six knives in a down shear position and is for surface planing larger areas to reduce the number of passes. It can be used with wood and wood composite products and on Thermo- and Duroplastics. The inserts are 4-sided with a special Fourcut grind designed to improve finish quality and tool life, adds Guhdo. The 4-sided knives are available in solid carbide and PCD (polycrystalline diamond) for high volume and very abrasive materials.

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