Split Wing Tool Design

Wood cutting and shaping standards have changed to run faster, says H3D Tool, with improved fit and finish on the material, and at a lower cost.  While cheaper full wing (PCD) tip tools may be acceptable for lower quality results, adds H3d Tool, the premium split wing tool design with smaller diamond tips permits radical angles where needed to improve fit and finish and reduce sanding, while minimizing repair costs, should an accident occur.

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About H3D Tool Corp., High Definition Tooling

H3D Tool Corp., High Definition Tooling, manufactures custom cutting tools including PCD (Diamond), Insert and brazed style tooling.  Tooling is manufactured to very tight tolerances and standards not previously offered by our industry.  Tooling may be designed for shaping and molding machines, double and single end tenoning machines, CNC routers and other profile equipment. 

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