Single-Speed Laminate Trimmer

DeWalt’s new Single-Speed Laminate Trimmer (DWE6000) features a 4.5 Amps motor (31,000 RPM) in a light-weight design (3.3 lbs). The laminate trimmer performs close to the work surface, offering the user a high level of control for precision and productivity during cutting and trimming applications, says DeWalt, and its applications include small bevel cuts, heavy flush trimming, and straight-forward cabinet manufacturing on laminate, hardwood, veneer, plywood/MDF, and plastics. The laminate trimmer features an ergonomic design with a contoured grip to conform to a user’s hand. The height on the trimmer can be adjusted using the attached depth ring, which adjusts the depth of cut and provides a greater area to grip the tool. The DWE6000 includes a conveniently located on-off switch, quick release base, and a conveniently located spindle lock. The trimmer has a clear, adjustable base and it also includes an LED light, which enhances the line of sight during applications. Available attachments for the DWE6000 include a dust collector attachment, roller guide and straight edge guide.The trimmer is sold with a collet wrench and straight edge guide. The dust collector attachment and roller guide are sold separately. The DWE6000 has a suggested price of $99.00.

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