Saw Chain Sharpener

Silvana Import Trading introduces its newest saw chain sharpener, the Triplematic from Markusson. The Triplematic is easy to use, says the company, and saves time by sharpening the cutting edge, gullet and raker in one cycle. It  fits 1/4”, .325”, 3/8” and .404 chains and features an increased cutting speed and can handle stiff chains with its tensioning system. The Triplematic functions as a fully automatic saw chain sharpening machine, says Silvana, grinding the cutting link at three key points: the cutting edge, the raker and the gullet. It is designed to optimize efficiency for a contractor’s forestry operations, says Silvana, by increasing the chain’s ability to remain on the bar and reducing the amount of splitting and loss of timber. Triplematic’s high grinding capability does not overheat or turn teeth blue, adds the company. In addition to standard equipment, the Triplematic includes a machine stand, link counter, 110V to 12V converter pack and an air-powered system, which stretches the chain, says Silvana.

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