Rockler introduces the Rockler Dado Jig, a sliding sled designed to cut tailor-fit dadoes for virtually any thickness of lumber, says the company. The jig allows the width of the groove can be fine-tuned to fit plywood that is thinner than the nominal thickness or to fit lumber that has an odd thickness. The jig works with a router and the separate Rockler Straight Edge Clamp System to cut precise dadoes. Grooves on either edge of the Dado Jig fit into a corresponding groove in the Straight Edge Clamp System. Using a 1/2" router bit, users rout the first shoulder of the dado, then flip the jig around. The offset for the second shoulder of the dado is infinitely adjustable to achieve a final width of 1/2" to 1" wide to match plywood thickness. All adjustments on the Rockler Dado Jig are tool-free with knurled knobs. The jig is pre-drilled to accept routers with a standard PC 690 3-hole pattern. Comprised of low-friction ABS, it is also simple to drill custom holes for non-standard routers, says the company.


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