Single flute spiral cutting tool
February 13, 2012 | 10:29 am CST

LMT Onsrud introduces balanced single flute spiral cutting tools to run at RPMs as high as 60,000. Manufacturers that specialize in marketing CNC routers for the sign industry have incorporated high speed spindles into their design. Most of these spindles turn up to 60,000 RPM compared to standard router spindle speeds of 24,000 RPM. The advantages of high spindle speeds is an increase in feed rates in plastic, aluminum and wood sheet material, which are commonly utilized in the sign industry. Multiple flute tools are naturally balanced by design, but in some cases, single flute spiral tools are not. Single flute spiral tools are naturally unbalanced due to the location and amount of the carbide that is removed during the grinding process. LMT Onsrud has developed a method to balance single flute spiral tools by engineering design and a specialized manufacturing process in response to market demand, says the company. The balanced single flute spiral cutting tool is part of its standard product line of upcut an downcut spiral "O" flutes for soft plastics, hard plastics and acrylics.

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