Redesigned Tool & Cutter Grinder

Conquest Industries announces new items for the woodworking industry, including the Cuttermaster Tool & Cutter Grinder, which offers a low investment cost solution to resharpening CNC router bits, says the company. The Cuttermaster Tool & Cutter Grinder has been redesigned to allow easier grinding of the helix, which produces a sharpened, like-new tool without reducing the diameter, adds the company. It is now called the Super Cuttermaster, says the company. Conquest is a North American distributor of the Kaindl Schleiftechnik Grinding equipment. Conquest says their drill sharpeners have the capability to regrind and/or produce brad point drills and resharpen open Forstner bits. They also produce three different saw blade sharpeners, from simple to full CNC, says the company. Conquest Industries also offers Line Boring machines, including the standard 13 spindle machine, which the company says combines utility with cost effectiveness. For additional information, visit the company website.

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