GUHDO-Gmaxx introduces a premium line of router bits in the U.S. designed for professionals. The Gmaxx line of premium router bits is available in both 1/4" and 1/2" shanks and is manufactured using exceptional quality steel, says the company, with digitally calibrated cutting edges made of superior quality carbide. Router bits in the line include Straight Plunge 1/4” shank and 1/2” Shank, Flush Trim, Flush Trim Plunge, V Groove, Chamfer, Bevel Trim, Core Box, Corner Round, Corner Beading, Dovetail, Cover, Classical Bead & Cove, Roman Ogee, Multi-Rabbet and Slotter Cutter. GUHDO’s Gmaxx router bits are part of the Gmaxx series of cutting tools designed and manufactured for professionals and are part of the line that includes Gmaxx saw blades, featuring an electrostatically applied coating, which is thinner, stronger and more uniform over the body of the blade, according to the company. For further information, contact the company at

(800) 544-8436    



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