Noise-Reducing Saw Blades

NAP Gladu’s SuperSilent saw blades feature a 2mm ultra-thin kerf and MicroGeo polycrystalline diamond teeth. The SuperSilent saw blades produce smooth cuts on all types of coated and uncoated wood-based materials including chipboard, MDF, plywood, and abrasive materials such as laminate, says the company. The blades are designed to provide uninterrupted cutting in rip and crosscut applications, adds NAP Gladu. The blade design also directs debris away from the cutting path. SuperSilent saw blades extend tool life, says the company, and reduce noise levels by 20 decibels, which offers a 75 percent reduction of perceived noise. The blades are designed to last up to six times longer than other blades, according to the company, which provides a lower cost per cut, and reduces the need for tool changes.

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About NAP Gladu

NAP GLADU is the largest manufacturer of carbide and diamond cutting tools in North America with manufacturing and service locations coast-to-coast. Products include: saw blades, insert cutter heads, cutter bodies, profile tools, router bits, dado sets, solid carbide cutters, aggregate heads, and other tools for all types of woodworking operations. Expert sharpening and repair services restore saws and tools to original performance specifications.




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