Rockler's new line of Mini Carbide Turning Tools feature pre-sharpened, rotatable, replaceable carbide cutter heads designed to offer the longest possible time between sharpenings, says the company. The 4" shafts and mini cutter heads can be used for small, detailed work on pens and intricate spindles. The tools, made with ergonomic rubber handles, are offered individually in three profiles: square-, round- and diamond-shaped, and are also available in a 3-piece box set along with a wrench for rotating and replacing the cutters. The handles are made of solid ash encased in a thick, molded rubber grip and the shafts of the turning tools feature machine-flattened backs, designed to add to the tool’s stability, says the company. Each tool comes with one replaceable cutter and wrench. The 3-Piece Set also includes a case.


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