Eclipse Tools NA Inc. introduces the Eclipse Magnetics Filtramag magnetic filter, which removes ferrous, carbide, stainless steel and grinding media contamination from the coolants used in grinding and cutting. The filter removes particles as small as sub-micron size, says the company, resulting in longer fluid life while improving the surface finish of products.  It also increases component accuracy and reduces wear on machinery and tools, according to the manufacturer. Filtramag uses permanent magnets, so it does not require power to operate, has no moving parts and does not require maintenance. Filtramag is available in two sizes with a core of either three or six high-intensity magnetic rods with 11,000 Gauss magnetic performance and maximum flow rates o up to 500 liters per minute. Applications for woodworking, plastics and engineering industries include grinding, honing, milling, turning, fine detail machining, inline pressure feed lines and gravity fed systems. Filtramag can also be used to enhance existing filtration.

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