Diamond Tooling Erosion Machine

Vollmer introduces the QXD250 machine with new capabilities. The QXD250 can machine PCD tipped (polycrystalline diamond) tools up to 30 percent faster than previous rotary erosion machines, says Vollmer. It can accommodate longer work pieces with lengths up to 250mm, a 25 percent increase over previous machines, says the company. In addition, surface finishes of 0.1µRa have been achieved, due to targeted eroding impulses. The QXD250 is equipped with Vollmer Vpulse EDM generator technology, offering users greater flexibility. Vollmer has equipped the QXD250 with the Vpulse EDM erosion Generator and simultaneous path interpolation through six CNC-controlled axes. Machining PCD tools with lengths of up to 250mm and diameters of up to 320mm is possible because Vollmer has extended both the travel distance and the swivel range of the machine. The eroding machine measures, grinds, erodes and polishes the diamond tools in one clamping arrangement. Round tools can be produced around the clock without manual intervention and loading and unloading of the work piece pallet delivery system can be performed as the machine operates in automatic mode. The integrated tool changer handles up to six eroding, grinding or polishing wheels to enable the machining of various different cutting tool types.

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