Dust Collection Nut

NAP Gladu offers a practical solution for providing effective saw dust removal that reduces dust on material and in the air with its AirPRO dust collection nut. The AirPRO dust collection nut replaces the collet nut on standard tool holders. According to the manufacturer, AirPRO creates a powerful updraft to evacuate chips and dust directly into the exhaust hood on CNC routers, offering a simple and effective solution to CNC router dust control. The AirPRO Dust Collection nut produces a powerful updraft directly above the tool, that doesn’t give dust or chips a chance to settle in the cut, adds the company. AirPRO picks up airborne dust that otherwise would settle on the material or fall on the floor, creating a cleaner, healthier work environment, according to NAP Gladu, and the AirPRO can extend tool life by removing chips that normally get re-cut. It also reduces clean up time and creates a cleaner work environment, adds NAP Gladu. AirPRO works with ER32, ER40 or SYOZ25 collet chucks in place of the collet nut, and uses standard router bits. Call (800) 634-8665 or (812) 482-2000 for more information.

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About NAP Gladu

NAP GLADU is the largest manufacturer of carbide and diamond cutting tools in North America with manufacturing and service locations coast-to-coast. Products include: saw blades, insert cutter heads, cutter bodies, profile tools, router bits, dado sets, solid carbide cutters, aggregate heads, and other tools for all types of woodworking operations. Expert sharpening and repair services restore saws and tools to original performance specifications.



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