Bottle Rack & Wood Boxes Milling Machine

Omec developed the Omec F12 milling machine to produce bottle rack and internal partitions for boxes. Omec F12 has a sheet steel base on which the loading magazine, a feed system, a milling head and stacker are mounted. It is controlled by a four-axes numeric control. In addition, the width of the workbench can be adjusted. The automatic work cycle only requires inserting the pieces to be worked in the in-feed magazine. Finished pieces are fed to the out-feed magazine stacker. By working pieces in packs at a height of 22 mm., four to five pieces can be produced at a time, the company says. A bottom deburring unit is also included. Omec F12 is controlled by a push-button panel and a control pane. All data can be entered with a simple procedure, following the software instructions on the control panel touch-screen monitor. The numeric control runs a Windows XP Embedded operating system and dedicated software to produce racks and internal partitions for all types of boxes. The CNC system can save up to 600 different machining programs that can be recalled to suit the user’s needs. The machine is imported by Macoser Inc.


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