Bi-Metal Production Sawblade

Wood-Mizer introduces its heavy duty, high performance Bi-Metal Blade, engineered for production sawing. With an RC hardness of 67 on the tooth edge, the Bi-Metal blade provides a longer sawing sharp life, especially for cutting abrasive, exotic wood species, says the company. The tooth is manufactured with a ribbon of high speed steel that is electron beam welded to a high alloy backing material. The high alloy backing material offers a combination of durability and fatigue resistance, enabling a sharp life that is 2-3 times longer than carbon blades, adds Wood-Mizer. The company said the slightly increased width of the Bi-Metal blade, compared to other blades in its class, provides more strength and stability resulting in faster sawing while maintaining accuracy. Both Bi-Metal blade options feature 7/8” tooth spacing with a 10 degree hook angle and are available in either 1.36” X .042” or 1.635” X .050” sizes. With the addition of the Bi-Metal industrial blade, Wood-Mizer now offers blades in four distinct brands to meet every type of wood cutting application, from green softwoods to abrasive and exotic hardwoods. Wood Mizer offers a Blade-Guide with information about the sawblades, which includes the DoubleHard, High-Alloy; SilverTip, Carbon; RazorTip, Stellite; and RazorTip, Carbon.

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