Tongue & Groove Bit Set

Freud America’s 1-3/4” (diameter) Adjustable Tongue and Groove Bit Set is designed to produce perfectly fitted tongue and groove joints for a range of projects, including Shaker style cabinet doors, says the company. The exclusive Freud design features a tongue cutter with opposing shear angles to ensure the desired finish. Each bit is coated in Silver I.C.E, to minimize heat and pitch build-up. The Bit Set is adjustable at .002 inch increments for stock thickness of ½” to 1-1/4” and groove widths of 7/32” to 3/8”. The set features the TiCo Hi-Density carbide for increased bit life, adds Freud. The Tongue and Groove bit set is designed to cut composition materials, plywood, hardwoods, and softwoods and can be used on table-mounted portable routers.

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