The anti-chip mark tool developed by NAP Gladu has proven  effective, says the company, in the elimination of unsightly chip marks on the finished wood surface of high quality mouldings, often caused by chips that are not evacuated and become trapped between the knife edge and the finish surface of the wood.  Vanish has been used with success on 6000-8000 RPM moulders at 40 – 60 ft./min., says the company. The tooling is designed for use by  cabinet or moulding manufacturers who are trying to eliminate chip marks or dents on their product. The marks typically occur on surfaces machined from the top spindle on the moulder. NAP Gladu will be in Booth 5113 at IWF 2012.

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About NAP Gladu

NAP GLADU is the largest manufacturer of carbide and diamond cutting tools in North America with manufacturing and service locations coast-to-coast. Products include: saw blades, insert cutter heads, cutter bodies, profile tools, router bits, dado sets, solid carbide cutters, aggregate heads, and other tools for all types of woodworking operations. Expert sharpening and repair services restore saws and tools to original performance specifications.




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