SCM Group North America introduces the Gabbiani C.U.B.O.(Cutting Unit Batch One)  panel sizing center with flexible, high capacity storage. It is designed for lean manufacturing by increasing the quality and production time of processing very small, highly differentiated batches in very short cycle times, says the company. The panel sizing center features the simultaneous use of two routing units. For high productivity, the CUBO can be incorporated in a Mahros loading-unloading system controlled by Easy Plan, a supervision software that enables automatic control of all work cycle steps including: loading from the stack the sheet to be processed, unloading of the sized panel to the edge banding line, offcuts management and labeling of each single panel. The  complex cutting pattern execution and use of off-cuts offers a low waste percentage, says the company.

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About SCM

SCM, established in 1952 and headquartered in Rimini, Italy, is a leading producer of the most technologically advanced industrial woodworking machines in the world. With 27 production facilities and 26 foreign subsidiaries, SCM has over two million machines installed and operating in 120 countries, has over 3,800 employees, and 1/2 billion dollar turnover.

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