St. Paul, MN - SuperMax Tools is proud to introduce the 25-50 Drum Sander, the largest open end drum sander on the market today. The 25-50 Drum Sander will sand up to 25” in a single pass and 50” in a double pass, greatly expanding the scope of projects the small shop or hobbyist is able to complete, while increasing speed and consistency in output.

SuperMax Tools Introduces Largest Open-End Drum SanderPrior to its introduction, open-end drum sanders could only handle pieces up to 38” wide. “Based on our experience designing drum sanders, said Warren Weber, VP of SuperMax Tools, “we knew we could push the limits of drum sanding equipment further than thought possible while still retaining function and ease-of-use.”

In effort to keep the 25-50 Drum Sander as affordable as possible, SuperMax Tools based the design for the machine off of their award-winning 19-38 Drum Sander, utilizing many of the same parts and keeping the exceptional features that are exclusive to SuperMax drums sanders.

“Before the 25-50, our 50x2 Drum Sander, with a price tag of $12,000, was the only available method to drum sand pieces that were fifty inches,” said Bill Schroeder, President of SuperMax Tools. “This machine will bring wide sanding to the market at an affordable price.”

In addition to flawless wide sanding, the 25-50 Drum Sander features INTELLISAND Technology, a simple alignment lever, smooth height adjustments, and easy-to-access abrasives. The SuperMax 25-50 Drum Sander retails for $1,999 and includes a closed mounting stand. Optional accessories include infeed/outfeed tables ($99) and a digital read-out ($195). Boxes of pre-cut abrasives strips are $24.

SuperMax Tools will be debuting the sander at the AWFS Fair in Las Vegas, July 24-27, in booth #4945.

SuperMax Tools is a manufacturer and world-wide distributor of drum, brush, and wide belt sanders for the woodworking and metalworking industries. Specializing only in sanding equipment, they are an industry leader in machine innovation, quality, and customer service. The manufacturing plant, distribution center and testing lab are located in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Source: SuperMax Tools

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