Since we first launched our woodshop pets photo album on Facebook last week, we've heard from many of you about the furry (or feathered) friends who are part of the workforce at your shops.

And just like the woodworking community, the pets in your woodshops are equally as diverse as the products you make out of wood. We had submissions of different breeds of dogs, as well as cats, a fawn and even a chicken!

Here are three photos we've received so far. Want to add your own? Become a fan of Woodworking Network on Facebook, and show off your shop pets!

Wes Askins sent in this picture of a chicken who roosts at

Patty Lazok sent in this picture of Studios Woollven's shop dog in Austin, TX.

Joe Knobbe sent in this photo of a fawn who walked right up to the front door of Exclusive Woodworking in Waukegan, IL.

See more shop pet photos on Woodworking Network's Facebook page.

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