My mother loves handbags. Every department store shopping experience with her includes the obligatory stop in the accessories section, which usually results in the purchase of a brand new purse. She has a different one for almost every outfit. Sad to say I didn’t pick up this love affair — I have one black handbag, which to my mind makes it universal enough to match everything. Despite my ambivalence towards a woman’s best friend (outside of the diamond), when I saw the wooden handbags below I thought ‘Finally, something a woodworking editor can put her hands around!’

According to these beautiful bags crafted from wooden panels are manufactured in Sweden. Now, I know I should be curious about what species was used; the manufacturing process that created those elegant curves; and what finish is giving the woodgrain that amazing texture, but the only question on my mind is: If I bought one and used it, do you think this would make me a hit at the next International Woodworking Fair (IWF)?

Also, check out this YouTube vid from tanakako2000, which shows wooden handbags crafted with persimmon and walnut.

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