We all know being a professional woodworker can have its challenges. After a dog-eat-dog day, sometimes a job just doesn't go as planned, customers complain and nit-pick, employees don't show up for work and taxes still have to be paid.

But no matter what frustrations we're dealing with during the day, there's always one person who's happy to see us: the dog (or cat) that's hanging around your woodshop.

In our travels across the country to woodworking shops both large and small, we always love meeting your pets that always seem to have sawdust covering their fur and a tail wagging when you walk in the door.

Do you have a dog or cat at your woodshop who makes your day? If so, let's see him! All you have to do is become a fan of Woodworking Network on Facebook and post a picture of your favorite pooch. We're going to be posting a different Woodshop Pet in our newsletter each week.

Our first Woodshop Pet entry is Brutis, the dog who is the 'best friend' of Stritar Construction of Lake Villa, IL. Send your photos in!

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Arborist Brandon Ratajczyk poses with Brutis, the dog who is the 'best friend' of Stritar Construction of Lake Villa, IL, after a long day on the job.
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