A Dutch company has made it possible for music fans to stay close to their instruments at all times, whether it be at the dinner table, in bed, or even in the bathroom.

Music Furniture began with a showroom in the Netherlands in 2008, and recently opened its first U.S. store in Nashville, TN. The company manufactures furniture and home décor made from drum sets, guitars, microphones and other musical instruments.

Custom pieces include a “pianobed” with fake piano keys, a “guitable” (a dinner table in the shape of and with the print of a real guitar), a “bassdrumtable” with matching “drumstools" and a microphone lamp “Mike.” They even make a briefcase from a real acoustic guitar, and have applied for a patent on the design.

Though I really admire the microphone mirror, could anything be more cool than an airbrushed toilet seat that looks like Jimi Hendrix’s Fender Strat?


See the video below for more about Music Furniture.

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