Imagine getting a call from your landscaper asking if he should keep cutting your grass because there's no longer a house there to accompany your yard. That's how a man in Georgia found out that his childhood home had been accidentally demolished by a crew that had mistaken it for a house across the street.

According to a news report one of our Twitter followers shared with us, (see the report in the video above), a demolition company was hired by a realty company to tear down a neighboring house. Due to a mixup, they tore down the wrong house without making contact with the owners. To make matters worse, the house they accidentally tore down, which was unoccupied at the time, was being kept for its sentimental value, as the owner's father built the home and raised his 10 children there. It also had antique furniture and china that were destroyed in the demo.

Now I've made some boneheaded mistakes on the job since I began my working life, including knocking a pallet of watermelons off a second-story shelf with a forklift while working at a farm in high-school. It wasn't fun cleaning that. If the report is true, however, this one ranks up there with the worst. I'd like to imagine there are plenty of checks and balances to prevent accidental demolitions, and if the company didn't have them before, I bet they do now.

What is the worst mistake you or your company has ever made? Did you deliver a big desk that was too large to fit into your client's doorway? Or install an entertainment center in the wrong room? What lessons have you learned, and what checks do you have in place to prevent costly mistakes?

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