In my final “For the Record” column of 2007, I highlighted the five story lines of the year that I feel will spill over to the New Year and have significant impact. You can read the full column by clicking here, but for those simply curious of my top choices, allow me to reiterate them, minus the how’s and why for’s.

  1. The housing crash
  2. Product recalls
  3. ITC investigation of imported hardwood flooring and hardwood plywood, and illegal logging bill
  4. CARB Formaldehyde Regulations
  5. The Green building movement

Since my top five were published in the December issue of W&WP, I have had occasion to discuss my list with several woodworkers and suppliers. The consensus to date is that getting the housing market back on track is tantamount to getting the wood products business rolling again. 

To my list, one woodworker suggested that the War in Iraq is a great concern, while a machinery distributor suggested that the weak U.S. dollar is making it hard to sell woodworking machinery here. What is your opinion of my list? What do you agree or disagree with on it? What issue or topic do you feel should be included that is not?

In short, what is keeping you up at night?

I’m all ears.

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