A company in Holden, MA, is putting its money where its mouth is in regards to environmental sustainability.

Woodmeister Master Builders, an upscale builder and renovator, is implementing what it calls the “Woodmeister 1:1 Sustainable Commitment” program, which it began a year ago on Earth Day. The program calls for the company to commit to preserving one square foot of forestland for every square foot of building that it constructs or renovates.

Dan Paquette, the company’s chief sustainability officer, said he “was looking for something that was tangible and concrete and something that represented what we do, which is building things — and translating that into some rational and practical programs” to preserve the environment, according to an article on telegram.com. In the first year of the program, the company completed 88,313-square-feet of construction, which comes to 2.03 acres it will preserve permanently as conservation forest.

Preserving any forest, I think, is a good thing, and Woodmeister should be commended for “walking the walk.” But overall, do you think this type of program is an effective way to promote sustainability? Is this a trend that other companies are going to follow, or are there better ideas out there? We would love to hear your insightful comments and opinions on this subject.

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