is of the utmost importance for companies to remain abreast of modern
technology in the woodworking industry. In most cases, the benefits of
implementing current technology far outweigh the costs associated with
purchasing or upgrading that technology. However, there are times when
the cost of upgrading can climb in terms of lost time, effort and

If the new technology is being implemented by someone who is not
fully aware of all of the intricacies of the system problems may occur.
Machines that are not set up correctly the first time can cause delays
in the terms of needed to check and rework settings. Time that could be
spent with the operator using or learning how to operate the new
machine is lost. This is not limited to the production area either. On
the front end, software upgrades and server issues can also cause
backups and continuous issues in the other facets of any business.

This may not only cause lost time in production, but can also cause
dissension among employees who require this technology to get their
jobs done. Once the problem is rectified, these employees will have to
play catch up in order to make up for lost time.

Therefore, it is imperative that upgrades and new installations are
completed by trained and certified personnel. Not only does this make
the transition process smoother, it also ensures things will be done
correctly the first time. Many companies offer not only training
services, but installation services as well.

As someone who has experienced these frustrations first hand, the
importance of not only utilizing the newest technology, but properly
implementing that technology is paramount.

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