Poetic Home, a daily blog featuring creative ways to recycle vintage items and castaway pieces into furniture and cabinetry, recently posted several examples of “repurposing.” A few featured projects include a dish display made from shipping pallets, a spice rack made from a wooden crate, and cabinets made from tea shipping crates, with the exterior type still in tack.

I must admit, that a couple of these pieces caught my attention and had me wondering if I could do something similar for my apartment, without turning my landlord’s hair on end in the process. So obviously replacing my cabinets with tea crates is a no go. But I do need a new bookcase and filing cabinet. And I think the example below of using fruit crates for open shelving might work nicely, and it is well within my skill set.

I’ll post pictures of the project when I’m finished. If you have any suggestions, please let me know.

For a more extreme home makeover, the site also features shipping containers that have been repurposed into “dream” homes.

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