Tool Time BernieI admit it. I love tools. Call me Tool Time Bernie if you want. It’s true! The right tool for the job is more delicious to me than a hamburger.

I also love Bosch power tools. I haven’t met one yet that I didn’t like and I own quite a few of them. So it was a bitter sweet day for me when my Bosch recipsaw failed to answer the call during a recent home remodeling project. Time to go to one of my favorite guys “candy stores.” Whoopie!!! I also love a good hardware store and Charles H. Day Company in Portland, Oregon (CHD) is perpetually on my all time top five list. Fortunately for my pocketbook, I don’t go there often! F.Y.I., CHD is also very serious about power tool repair.

CHD isn’t fancy at all except for their shiny new Bosch power tool display area. Other than that, the interior design is a throwback to the 60s. I love the smell of the grease and the hum of activity. Long, open will-call counters line the length of the building and all are chock full of little gadgets that guys just can’t live without. Behind that is a raised area where each technician has his own workbench facing the counter. Everyone is busy servicing the never ending list of tired tools that come to them for rejuvenation. These guys service multiple brands. When a customer walks in the door, they take turns staffing the counter.

Each technician is dressed in navy blue coveralls with his name embroidered on the standard-issue blue and white oval iron-on. My tool buddy Martin has been working there for over 20 years. His colleagues have similar histories with CHD.

After Martin gave me the good news about my saw, he asked if there was anything else I needed. I was considering a ½” chuck battery powered driver drill. He took me right over to that beckoning display and introduced me to my next tool. That’s when it got exciting. He explained that a new promo had just started. Bosch was introducing new tools! My choice was one of those. There was a great rebate available.
If I played my cards right, I could get more rebates and if I spent a certain amount on Bosch tools and accessories, I also got a Weber table-top barbeque. How cool is that!

I left with three new tools, some Bosch accessories, some other necessities, plus a CHD baseball cap, and the assurance that the Weber would come in the mail. What could be more delicious than a hamburger as the result of a Bosh power tool triple play!

If you’re a tool-time guy or gal like me, you would do well to go down to your favorite candy store before this deal has come and gone. Tell ‘em Bernie sent you!

Until next time…spray on!

Bernie Bottens ( teaches wood finishing in industrial woodworking to shop owners, foremen, spray technicians and finishers all over the Pacific Northwest. He is wood finishing specialist with Wurth Louis and Co., Portland, OR. Reach him at

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